Monday, July 14, 2008

Book Review... Finally

I realize that most of July's post have included some partial explanation of my absence. In doing this, I've realized that each absence consisted of no more than 2 days. I don't think that's a ridiculously long time, and I'm allowed to have life. Therefore, I won't be apologizing unless my hiatus reaches about 4 days to a week. Fair enough?

Anywho, it's way past time to do a book review. Why? Because I've finished 4 books within the last week and a half, and you need to know if they're worth your time.

The most recent book I finished is titled 'Diary of a Mistress'. The cover of the book is posted to the right. I don't even know where to begin. For starters, you definitely shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I started reading this book thinking I was your typical "urban sex novel". Ya'll know what I mean: the books all the girls had in highschool, where most of the material consisted of various sex scenes and a predictable plot involving some hustler. Yeah... those.

Well, you've been hoodwinked. The plot for this novel is so rich it's ridiculous. I PROMISE you will not be disappointed. Another plus is that it isn't too long of a read. I actually started/finished it within the 4hr. ride (that was probably longer due to the stops) to my family reunion. You definitely want to grab this one. Onto the next...

Well, well, well... whatever you assumed by looking at this book is probably right. In all sincerity, this was one of the urban sex novels mentioned above. There's some type of plot intertwined into more than a few sex scenes, and it holds true to the fairytale ending all girls secretly hope for. I feel like I'm bashing this book when it was actually a decent read as well. I just would have liked something with a little more depth.. as a result of all the books I've been reading lately that are meant to be informative. This book may have had the same amount of pages as the one mentioned above, but the font is bigger- so, this is another quick read. Now what?

Damn this book for having me questioning the sexuality of all men! I actually thought this book was going to be a story of a gay man... one with the typical main charactor, antagonist, climax, etc. However, the book is actually more of an informative read. It lead me to a bit of a paranoia, but when it comes to your health- it's better to be cautious than curious. No pun intended. I recommend this book to any and everyone. I believe it could inspire men who are "in the closet" to step out on faith, cause women to be more assertive about their sex life in regards to their health, and have all people more concerned about the AIDS pandemic- as we all should be. Last but not least...

This was also a wonderful read... it was very detailed, had various plots (pertaining to each character), and also proved itself to be informative. I found it a bit ironic that I read The Kite Runner, The Color of Water, and this book back to back. I went from learning about the issues in Afghanistan to the Jewish community to the Mexican entertainment industry. Trust, the use of their native language in various sentences threw me for a loop. I can't tell Arabic from Spanish right about now. As I was saying, this story gave me hope to keep on pursuing my dreams and also reminded me to be kind to everyone- you never know who might turn into your new best friend or may help you on your way to the top.

Alright, that about does it. You've been updated on the last 4 books I've read, and you can look to the right to see what I'm reading now. I've just got to the Introduction, so I can't tell you much about it as of yet. Whatever the case, it's the summer time and I just gave you 4 books that spread into various genres... whatcha gonna do about it?

Read a Book. Please.

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