Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Geesh, Luis!

My computer sucks.
I just wanted to make that clear.
I definitely wrote an entire post and my virus-infected computer didn't save it or post it. It just sucked. That's all.

Long-story short: God's still playing jokes on me, and I'm definitely not getting the last laugh. I've been absent for more than a little bit, but my family was here from out of town and one of my besties/baby mamas is moving back to New York today. Needless to say, time with the ladies was a definite must. Lastly, I finished the poem I was writing a few days back, but I'm hesitant about posting it. Oh yeah, it feels like I've been reading this book forever-ugh.. because I have.

That's All,

*this song felt so right (Lupe Fiasco's-And He Gets the Girl was up first but I had a change of ♥)

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