Sunday, July 20, 2008

Change of Events

Random thought, I feel like I've been reading I Say a Prayer for Me way too long. I was doing community service from 10a.m. to 6p.m. every day last week, but that's not the point- and don't ask why. Maybe that's just how God has worked things out though, because every night that I've read a chapter, it was applicable to whatever I was experiencing or had on my mind. That can't be coincidence.

Anywho, remember how I was supposed to take myself on a date to Wine Up the last time I checked in? Well, that plan got switched, and I ended up going to visit my God son Christiane (who ya'll first heard about during my spring break). It all just happened on random, because I had gas for once in my life when my baby mama (Christiane's mom) called. So... I trekked over to her side of town to sneak a peek at her new place and see my most handsome God son (not to mention, only God son).

How'd that go? I loved it. I loved it. I loved it.
I believe that true friends are the ones you don't have to speak with every breathing moment, but when you do speak- you pick up where you left off as if you've never missed a beat. That's what I have with my best friends. Seeing my Godson and his mother just lit my night up. It was the perfect ending to a long, uneventful day.

Furthermore, I got together with all 4 of my best friends/baby mamas for the second time [ever] two nights ago... I don't know if I said that in an understandable manner, but what I'm saying is that all 5 of us never have schedules that coordinate in a way where we can ALL spend time together. When you factor in work, finding a baby sitter, and actually having cash- the group tends to pan out at about 3 of us, 4 on a good day. So, I was happy to spend time with all my ladies and 2 of my 3 God children. That's the best [free] entertainment I'll ever receive.

Did I mention that two of them both moved into new places? They are doing so well for themselves and make me so proud. See?

Friendship isn't a big thing.
It's a million little things,


p.s. When the pictures with all 5 of us in them are finally uploaded by whoever has them in their camera (my camera is still in VA, tear tear)- you'll see them.

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