Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Slacked for a Second

Again, I've been missing. The last time I checked in was on the 4th... the bloody 4th. Needless to say, I've had better Independence Day's. However, me no complain- all is well.

So, I'm in Philadelphia about to get dressed for this internship interview. Wish me luck or do me one better and pray for me. I'm uber excited and nervous beyond reason. Dom has tried to be encouraging, but I'm still a bit shaky. I just acknowledge the fact that there's always someone more qualified for any postition, but as I told Mr. Wilkins and keep reminding myself, "Sometimes to be the best at what you do, you have to create your own category." Don't remember where I heard that from, but that's what I plan on doing.

Actually, I think Mickey Factz told me that. Anywho, I'll be on the plane at 8:30 tonight heading back to North Carolina. Let's hope I'm flying back with a positive feeling. Oh, pics from Virgninia Beach? I left my camera at my grandma's house. She said she'll send it to me when I send her the suit she left in my room during my high school graduation. Sit tight though. I can't be without a camera for too long, so she'll be getting that suit asap- and you'll be getting your pictures in the same time frame. Have you REALLY listened to the new song/poem on my page? You might want to do that.

Hug Me When You're Feeling Lonely,

p.s. I still appreciate YOU
p.p.s. I finished reading Playing with Boys, I'll be changing the picture and giving a review of it once I touch down.

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