Friday, July 11, 2008

I've Let You Down

As fate would have it, I get home to discover that a storm has knocked out our Internet. After making failed attempts at getting online all day, I arrive home (at 3:30am) to find that our Internets working. Important much? It is. I finished reading Playing with Boys, I've also read Men on the Down Low since my last detailed post, and am now reading Gettin' Serious. I think that's the title. It's very much an urban novel, and I haven't cracked one in a bit so I'm enjoying it. Furthermore, Wine Up was amazing tonight. Swan did a poem about her mother. Did I mention my birth mothers birthday is in 3 days? All topics mentioned require and deserve elaboration... but, I'm tired.

Where Have All my Readers Gone?


  1. Still here, don't worry.

  2. i have that poem on disk. its on her ep.