Friday, July 25, 2008

God's a Prankster

(Sidenote: I realize a song isn't playing, and I would actually like to do something about that. So, if anyone could find the audio url to Lily Allen's 'Who'd of Known' and pass it to me, I would greatly appreciate it. That song is singing lullabies to me right now, and I refuse to post anything other then that.)
On a lighter note... I took myself on a date tonight (I haven't been asleep since Thursday morning, so that's what day it is regardless if the post may say Friday because it's 4 in the morning-and I know it does). I was at Wine-Up watching their performance poetry and inspired as usual. Want some lines? Of course I'll share them with you:

-I'm looking for the right woman, when I'm not the right man.
-I know that I'm ugly, but I'm a got damn master piece of (some word I couldn't remember) and puncture wounds on paper.
-Stop posting up without your passion. Be got damn brave.
-I got a secret for you normal poets: some of us are not.
-I am no china doll. I will not shatter, and I have no time for polite conversation unless we're actually discussing shit that matters.
-You may not be the first who done it, but you'll be the best who did it.

Now all of those are well and good, but that wasn't the climax of my night. What was the climax you ask? I ran into an old acquaintance from school. Our paths used to always cross each other, we had a lot of things (that are beyond the surface) in common, and I always felt some awkward tie to her despite our (surface level) differences. I couldn't do anything but be excited when I saw her, and we sat down and had the usual 'bring me up to date' conversation.

The only thing about it was that our conversation wasn't usual. Corny as it may sound, it was blessed. I can't explain how much happiness I felt from seeing her, speaking with her, and seeing how content she was. It felt like God had ordained this moment. Well, I'm sure that He had, but it was weird how apparent it was. The funny thing was we were both talking about all the jokes God has played on us only to realize that He must really be laughing now that He's got us in the same area. I don't know... this may all seem random, but it felt good... and I'm finally laughing with Him.

Hope Your Day Goes Just as Well,

p.s. If I don't get the link for Lily Allen in... ugh.. let's say 3 days- I'm putting up 3a.m. by Matchbox 20 instead. K? It just jumped out at me for some reason, and I've always liked the song.

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