Friday, July 25, 2008

I Am Not Sorry

First and foremost:
Respect is just a minimum.

I've said that to say that in any and all situations, don't allow someone to label you something that you wouldn't naturally, and in a positive light, label yourself. Do I need to testify? I do. Long story short- today an adult that I interact with on a daily basis told me that I was "sorry". Now, I don't even believe they meant it as much as their tone displayed, but they were bothered with other things and took it out on me.

This is normally someone I wouldn't "talk back to", but I've seen them break other people's spirits by calling them names while their real anger should have been directed elsewhere, and I wasn't willing to tolerate it. My response was simple, "I'm not sorry." Their response was, "You're sorry in more ways than one." I took that as my cue to walk away-for various reasons.

1) I'm learning to choose my battles, and that was an argument I could go without.
2) My point was made in stating that I wasn't a sorry person. Everything else would just have been restating that fact in different words.
3) In order to continue coversing with them, I would have to feed into their energy, and I didn't want to stoop to that level of negativity.

The reason I'm telling you this is because some people will allow others to tell them things about themselves that they know are not true. However, a person will tell you these things so many times that you begin to believe them. When you know yourself and your thoughts to be genuine and true, don't give someone else the power of changing your perception. What you should do is negate their statement the first time it's made. That way, you've made your point and also made it clear from the beginning that their verbally abusive behavior won't be tolerated... at least that's what I would do :)

One Point for the Home Team,


  1. good job buddy. No, I know you don't need the kudos because you know what you did was correct. But.....slight praise anyway. =)

  2. Some people dont realize the power of life, and death is in the tongue. Its hard to forget, or forgive someone who has tried to put u down. You stating your truth, and removing yourself from the situation was the best thing to do!
    P.S. In the end what man think of you means nothing, God makes the final judgement ;)