Saturday, March 15, 2008

Back in the Days

*Can you guess which one is me in both pictures?

Speaking of children (the post below), I've been thinking a lot lately about the way life turns. Wait, that's not the right wording. I've just been thinking about how I am actually an adult now. I can make my own decisions, and these decisions can effect my future in a tremendous way if they are severe. It's crazy. They always say, "you're going to wish you could rewind." Here I am, thinking of how easy it used to be. No matter the struggles that may have occurred around you- being a child was so carefree. Now it's adult situations that require adult responses and resolutions that come with adult consequences. Yuck!

Theme song:

"I miss those days and so I pout like a grown jerk...
Wishin all I had to do now was finish homework."


*I'm in the middle of the first picture and the miniature diva on the left with a bunch of hair and forehead in the last picture.

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