Thursday, March 6, 2008

INTRODUCING... My Girl, Hip-Hop

It's me!
(Excited much?)
I am.

This is the performance I promised you all, performed at Philalive 2 weeks ago. The first line you can't hear is "I dedicate this to my girl, hip-hop".

Forever Faithful to H.E.R.,


  1. Right now I'm completely jealous because I don't yet have the audacity to get up and do something so slam, literally. It was amazing.

    Yes, I was singing along with the audience. lol

    I could fill this lil comment box with all the things I thought of this performance/poem, and you'd fall asleep by the end of it. Point blank, it was excellent. And you inspire me. So thanks for postin'!

    -Chucked Deuce-

  2. As Dimon (spelling?) would say off of Diddy's 1st Making the Band..."I spit that hot fiyah!" and that's exactly what you did girl! That was hott...I know u love that feeling of being on stage, it's an undescribeable feeling girl...I know exactly how it feels! Keep it going, practice makes perfect!

    The Writer,

    Bee Dee

  3. u know this took me back to the first time i eva seen u speek!!!! i must say u have a gift and as ur best friend im very proud of you and i know your going to make it.
    missing the hell of of u
    love u babe.
    p.s. i thought i was ur girl!! fuck hip hop u belong to me. lol

  4. i love this poem... its like my 3rd time hearing it and i could still listen to it many more times. but, chick! this is not the poem you did last night... Please Post... PLEASE!!

  5. Look at my sis-in-law! This is hot. I listened to it 4 times already. I had to let my homeboi and my roommate hear it. Stay up and keep in touch.

  6. Now that I have time to comment (I'm still at work though!).. Loved it! I swear this was something that should of been in "Brown Sugar". Also, you're still cut off until further notice.