Monday, March 10, 2008

Just What I Needed

Community service beauty on duty.

::Inhales a breath of fresh air::

Hello readers!
I'm posting this blog from a computer in Tulane University (located in New Orleans, Louisiana). We aren't given Internet access here, but we are using their showers and have an hour of free time. So, here I am- doing what I (like to believe) I do best. Anywho, I tried to post a video of the performance I did last Friday before leaving for Louisiana/Mississippi, as well as let you know that I wouldn't be able to blog until we returned back from our community service project on Friday... BUT the video was taking forever to upload, actually-it wasn't uploading at all. The blog wasn't posting either. Lucky me.

Nonetheless, all is well. Long story short (because I want to get a quick run in and hit the showers before we go hear this man speak on the ecosystem), this trip was just what I needed.

I... B Harg... can now build a wooden fence. Meaning, if you need a fence and for a small fee (not including the price of tools)- I got you. I've been standing in up to a foot of mud. Might not sound like much, but cleaning out a swamp when you don't know the depth is pretty hilarious. An African woman on our trip (who I've decided is 100% gangster) was walking and got stuck up to her knees and screamed, "Agghhh! It's a quick mud! Help!" Too funny. "A quick mud", not just "quick mud". Gotta love those foreigners. She wasn't about to die, so I had the right to laugh. Back to the program: I was bundling trees that would be dropped in the river to help with erosion (not so fun, this event was something I didn't take pictures of-not to mention I left my camera on the bus). I've been riding four wheelers like crazy as well.

Sorry I'm not able to post. I didn't notice how much I missed blogging until my fingers started hitting the key board. Okay, I'm lying. I bother this girl with laptop every day to see if she has Internet access. I will be posting a bunch of pics and videos when I get back to Phila and upload everything to a computer. Just know that I'm doing fine. I've found a new appreciation for mother nature, another reminder of how real God is. I can't think of one man who could have created all this in a week. I can't think of one man who could have created all this, period. Not to mention, I have to remember there are issues occurring on in everyone else's everyday life that are so beyond me. Thought for the day: Don't get caught up on life's previews, you might miss the big picture. Hope your spring break (if you're on one) is as gratifying as mine.

Nothing but Happiness,

ps- I have also seen the biggest mosquitoes I've ever seen in my life and the hype on Bourbon St. is real, it's not exaggerated at all. There's a definite nightlife here in the N.O.

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  1. happy that ur having fun... i wish i was with u helping out what god created.

    beter than gettin drunk and doing nothin with life.

    wine-oOo (thats me! .:amanda bines:.)

    kisses.. stack up on teh bug spray boo.... no west nile pleaze!