Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Ultimate Hustler

I was sitting in English class Monday morning and we're comparing Martha Stewart to Rachel Ray. To the less informed (like myself, a student sitting beside me definitely had to school me), Rachel Ray is the modern day, more exciting version of Martha Stewart. As I said, we're comparing them, and it hits me... MRS. STEWART IS A Mutha F'n Hustla!

This woman has a Kmart clothing line (kind of a big deal), her own show, a ready-made home furnishings line complimentary to her clothes... she's in Wikipedia for crying out loud! As they say here in Philly (and NY)... that's crazy son.

Get Like You? No, Get Like Martha.


  1. lol, this is funny. people be sleepin on Martha, that's how she was able to slip to the top and once they realized how fast she got there, they got shook...ask K mart lol even tho she did screw them out of billions of dollars :-/

    The Writer,

    Bee Dee