Saturday, March 1, 2008

That's Just the Way It Is

This will be somewhat of a blur but the main two focus points are: 1- My friends mom was cleaning her car outside today, blasting Biggie and Pac. Some more songs brought my soul back with the throw back. God bless the reminders of why I'm forever faithful to hip-hop. (*listening to Changes hit me in the heart most-take heed to the words if you never gave them a true listen) Post the songs for you? Of course I will. You didn't have to ask silly rabbit.

2- It's definitely 'one of those days'. Two days ago (Feb.28) was the date my mom passed, 9 yrs. ago. I was talking with my friends mom and cousin about it today. Haven't spoken on her death, in detail, in a while. It really was a side note to someone commenting on how well I handle it, and my rebuttal being-I will probably lose it when my maternal grandmother passes. That little girl below (in the previous post) may be my heart, but my grandmother is my pulse. She keeps me going.

Beyond that, maybe it's just me: but being the center of attention every now and then is nice. Call me old fashion or an extremist, but genuine affection goes a long way as well. From time to time a kiss on the forehead, a hug with an embrace that last a little longer than normal, or one of those all knowing gazes that communicates the most affectionate words through silence is wanted. If I'm in the house as your guest, I probably want to be in your presence. Just a thought.

Lastly, thank God for my stability. I've been sitting back and listening to the things happening around me lately, and I've reached the conclusion that it could always be worse. The only thing constant in the world is change. If I can't count on anything, I can rest assured that things will change. 'That's just the way it is. Things will never be the same.' Lesson learned today: (who else but Jay put it best?) The best to emerge in the game is the watcher. Sitting back from situations gives you the perfect view.

A little of a lot but that's just how I'm feeling,

Random: If you want closure in your relationship, start with your legs. -Big Boom


  1. its not that simple B. I wish it was. I really do.

  2. Forehead kisses, long hugs and gazes are the best! I believe eveyone needs someone in their life that they can get sort of affection from.

    Keep ur head up B.

    sidebar: confused as to why there's a "chill" next to my link

  3. Whats not that easy B? And C, I'm so disappointed.


    Did you not notice the "chill" by her name? genius ::Smh:: lol