Friday, March 14, 2008

Hello World, Welcome Christian Kamari

It's pretty known that I have 2 god daughters whom I adore. Well, as of March 12th- I now have a god son. He was born at 11:05pm (if I'm not mistaken) weighing 8lbs-1oz. and given the name Christiane Kamari Pearson. Smittened much? I am.
I was actually in New Orleans when my friend went into labor. She had been whining all break about me deciding to not come home. So, as Karma would have it, she goes into labor while I am who knows how many miles away and I end up crying- feeling bad because I'm not there. Not to mention she had a very hard labor. Nonetheless, I was kept up to date and checked in periodically. All is well now. I actually rode the bus back with my fellow community servers from Louisiana. It was stopping in Winston-Salem, which is an hour outside of Charlotte (where I stay), so I just got off there and my father picked me up. So, yes, I have seen him. He has completed my spring break. I couldn't ask for more.

A Proud God Mom,

ps- If no one has told you, children are a blessing. In more ways than I care to describe, God knew what He was doing by giving me God children. Christian's father died while he was in the womb (his mother is the friend I've mentioned in "Mistake Overturned"). I only ask that you keep him in your prayers. I know I am not his mother but I found myself walking Bourbon St. (still in New Orleans at the time) wondering if he would feel a lack of love or grow up feeling like there is a void where his father should be. I know that God makes no mistakes though and He will bring him through this. God giveth and God taketh away.

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