Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Everytime my name was brought up:
You would act all nonchalante
In front of an audience.
Like I was just another shawty
You put the naughty on,
But truth be told
I threw you for a loop
It's Bo.

You too old to be frontin' what you feelin'
Denzelin', acting like I'm not appealing
When I am.
Stunting like I aint money,
boy when I am.
Are you ready to stop? Cause I am.

If it Fits-Put ya Name in the Blank,


  1. u know what baby. i been neglectin you and im so sorry. can you ever forgive me. let make this right :)

  2. awww... we listened to this song today... u were rockin kinda hard to it

  3. hell yea...and u kno Pharell IS that nigga!

  4. another blogger inspired by my great ipod... but everyone needs to stop the frontin.. its becoming too much

  5. if u could do me a favor and find the dark skin chick from the video...

    i fell in love!

    ha ha