Thursday, March 20, 2008

INTRODUCING... Everlasting Incarceration

*We already reached the conclusion that if the post title included "INTRODUCING" that it's a performance, so... yeah. The lights were off so you can't see me, and the projector in the back is flashing the names of Philadelphia murder victims. Random fact: People killed by police aren't counted in Philadelphia's murder rate. They're considered "police incidents". Accidents of course. Yeah... right.

I attended this venue last night given by a Latin sorority called "Death ends... with the push of my pen." It was centered around the murder rate in Philadelphia. It hit me in the heart. They had an open mic area, and since the criminal life is related to this issue- I just went up on a whim. It's short and sweet, still doesn't hurt to share. I'll post more on the actual event when I get back to my room. I'm in the tech center right now. You definitely should know about it though. The turn out wasn't all that great, but I think it just wasn't promoted well. Anywho:

Think About It,

ps: I was asked to open up for the venue I normally perform open mic at. So, tonight- I will be doing just that. I was so honored. I'll be writing more about this later. Long story short: I'm moving on up :)

Theme music? But, of course.

"I promise mama, I'ma do it cause I know I put you through it.
And I just want you to sit around w/ your friends @ a dinner table
And say my baby's famous and I knew it...
Closer to my dreams"


  1. It's so inspirational to see you grow.

    -Chucked Deuce-

  2. wow B that poem had so much truth embedded inside all those words and verbs...especially the quote below...

    "we live our own lives, but the government writes the lease,"


  3. you are one of the most talented individuals i kno. passionate. smart. insightful and witty aka your a monster on the do u get it to say enlightened by and showed love for the comments???

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    Click "Customize" (top left corner).
    Click the "Layout" tab.
    Click "Edit" in the Blog Post area.
    The 2nd and 4th line under "Selected Items" is what you change.

    You're welcome.
    && thanks on the compliments Cal!

  5. thank you much and you more than deserve the compliments homie.

  6. and again...brillant. oh, and fyi I changed my blog link to

  7. ok so this is not a comment for your poem even though, like are your poems are, it was GREAT! .:tony the tiger:.

    your post... very funny! it was a stress reliever for me as well.

    i cant blog right now but best believe that i'll be saying SOMETHING about my OD moment very soon