Monday, March 31, 2008

Somebody Should Tell Lebron..

He was made to look like an ape on [the cover of] Vogue.

I walked into Sociology class late today, and this was on the screen. It took me a minute to focus on the conversation, but the comparisons in the picture were obvious instantaneously. First thought I had: aint this some shit? Our teacher told us how the photographer (Anna Wintour) of this cover is well-known and rehearsed in older photos. He said this to imply that they were probably aware of the picture to the left which was an enlistment ad for WW1.

The ape is supposed to symbolize Germany, and the Statue of Liberty is helplessly dangling his hands. We were also told that there were other photos taken (as with most photoshoots for any magazine), but this was chosen as the "best one". Do I need to point out the similarities?

-James is wearing all black
-The tips of his shoes are white (like the apes toenails)
-He has a crazy facial expression
-In addition to his hunched up stance
-Their overall placement (her to the left/him holding her around the waist)
-The ball is placed on the left (much like the bat)
-Giselle just happens to be wearing a green flowy dress.

The only difference I noted is that she actually looks happy. Whatever the case, I'm sure they didn't think to pose this way naturally. Please take note: the magazine is Vogue. This really isn't their style at all. At the least, could the man have been an ape in an Armani suit? I don't know what was going on, but this is a mess- plain and simple.

You Can't be Serious,


  1. It's difficult not to be filled with disgust, really. But the more sickening thought is that many people, black and white, are gonna be completely okay with it.

    -no deuce-

  2. This is disappointing to say the least. But honestly, there is something about Lebron....(not all black men or black men in general) that is extremely animalistic.

  3. lol... lauren what makes you think that he is animalistic?

    secondly, I'm not sure if the photographer or the mag had it in the back of their minds the ad for WWI. what it is tho is a publishing issue. somebody in promotions should have noticed the simalarity. It's their job to respect and please the public. more than likly its a slip up.
    (kind of like those obvious mistakes in movies, theres a person that screens the movie that is suppose to make sure those mishaps dont happen) human error i say.

  4. I remember glancing at this while I was in line at CVS. My first thought: What the hell?
    This actually made conversation on my radio show tonight. I gave a shout out to your blog and encouraged others to check this out. (yeah, i'll praise me later lol ;-)
    I think it's toooooo much similarity for it to just be a "coincidence"...way too much :-/
    I don't even see how this photo made the cover of VOGUE...when u think of Vogue you think of high fashion, sophistication, class. This pic is pretty much the complete opposite. (sigh and shaking head) I just don't understand sometimes why people do what they do.

    The Writer,

    Bee Dee

  5. so sad... under cover racism...

    only the intelligent see the message the photographer was trying to put out...

    the ignorant jus say... "Hey Lebron is on the cover of Vogue.. How Cool..."