Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back On my Grizzy

Thought for the day:
Realizing the realism of life and actuality: f*ck whose the baddest, a persons' status depends on salary. (Nas ft. AZ)

My father says this line to no end. I was speaking with him on the phone today after he made my tuition payment (just short of 4 G's), and I could hear the frustration in his voice. I am one of 9. I am also the first he is paying for in college- mind you, he only pays part of my tuition. Nonetheless, he's feeling the struggle financially. He's trying to balance me, his private businesses, and the rest of his children. I feel for him. Nonetheless, I constantly remind him that he will get "return on his investments". I just need him to "ride it out these 4 years". As I told him today, "I'm grinding."

I repeated the quote above more than a time or two, and I realized just how true it was in regards to my situation. I'm in college. People are foolish enough to believe that this is strictly a popularity contest. How could you be so dumb to believe that college has nothing to do with your career later on? Degrees, diplomas, majors? Focus man. You had time for the nonsense in high school. I truly believe that college is about networking, and "doing what you have to do so you can do what you want to do." Upon graduation- the only thing of importance is what you're doing with the time you spent prepping to walk across stage and receive that highly anticipated sheet of paper.

I don't know what everyone else has planned, but I plan on getting it. My immediate family, god children, and the generations ahead of me will definitely be taken care of. The time I spend in this stage of my life will -in no way, shape, or form- be wasted. Especially at my fathers expense.

Just to throw this whole post off, another hot line that's been in my head today:
"I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies and hypotheses can't define how I be droppin' these mockeries." (Wu-Tang)

Lyrically Inclined- Inclined to get Lyrical,


  1. "... lyrically perform armed robbery. flee with the lottery. possibly they spotted me."

    I remember when i was like 11, my cousin who was 18 used to rap the first verse all the time and i swore he wrote it. i wanted to be like him so bad that i memorized the whole song. good times.

    remember this video? amazing.

  2. "Battle-scarred shogun--
    explosion when my pen hits tremendous...
    ultra-violet shine blind forensics."


    Back to the post, couldn't come at a more appropriate time in my life. Yesterday I sat at my desk doing a plethora of work from 9:57am to 10:57pm, no joke, fa'serious.

    -Chucked Deuce-

  3. I feel you...1 hundred. College has its ups and downs and moans and groans. It's hell, and every day I wonder why I'm here...what's the point. But after reading your posts, you help to inspire a bit of urgency and motivation in me to get on my own "grind."

    The (trying to catch up to your level...and beyond) ;-) Writer,

    Bee Dee

    P.S. stay as motivated and charismatic as you's contagious to others :)

  4. Ur so rite.. i need to remember this... I don't think its a popularity contest as much as I think its a big ass party. But i really do believe changing my major is goin to do me gud and put me bac on track. Ill b doin sumthin im passionate about. U kno try to make these six years worth

  5. well said...u kno i be grindin homie. make sure you workin hard and playin hard tho cuz wats life without a little fun here and there.

    living life is a job and i love my occupation.