Saturday, May 17, 2008

Better Late Than Never

First and foremost:
Happy (belated) Mothers Day!

I've been meaning to blog about this topic since the day it passed. For that matter, I've had mad ish' I've been meaning to blog about but I've been uber busy, in uber reflection, and uber lazy in regards to anything not centered around exams.. hell, I was even lazy with exams. Nonetheless, I'm back. The ladies you see above are my best friends. One bestie is missing. This was taken during my last visit home for my little sisters 4th birthday, and the missing link to this picture couldn't get a ride home from school.

Whatever the case, we refer to ourselves as "The Baby Mama's". As you can see in the picture, all 3 of them have children. I am fully aware that being a "baby mama" is normally noted for its negative connotation. However, my best friends and the god children they gave me are one of my biggest blessings. If you know me on a really personal level, then you know that I really want kids. Nonetheless, I'm in college and God didn't have that in His plans for me at this moment. With that being said, I have kids through my besties- vicariously.

Furthermore, this Mother's Day really had me thinking of everything mother related... my besties, my sister, my (maternal) grandmother, my mother that passed, and my step mother. Most importantly, dependent upon the time a person has a child, some people view it as a mistake. I've come to realize it as a major accomplishment, especially if you are a good parent. My besties all had there children either in highschool or directly after, and they are all doing wonderfully. Some might try and make them out to be statistics, but they are so above the norm. I am ridiculously proud of the persistence they maintain despite what society has told them was a backwards step towards their future.

I still trip out when I think of my older sister, who is also my best friend, as a mother. I am so selfish with her attention that I didn't even like her husband initially. Not because he was a bad person, but because he was stealing my sister from me (or so I felt). Than, my niece was created. I was completely smittened with the thought of being an aunt, but when I realized that was another "attention-stealer" added to the roster, it became an issue. However, my brother-in-law is in the air force and often out of the country. My sister is the best married, partially single mother I know, and it makes me so proud. It also makes me want to be closer to my niece.

I also have come to really appreciate my step mother. She has walked into the shoes of my mother and gladly taken the job. As with most parents, we have our times and there are certain..hell, many.. things about her that irk me at times. Nonetheless, she is my mother and blood couldn't make us any more related than we already are. I often wonder how much my mom would like her. And last, but CERTAINLY not least is my (maternal grandmother)- my motivation... every Mother's Day makes me want to give her the world. My mother would be so proud of her, if that makes any sense. I could go on for days, in the end: if you are a mother, the world turns because of you.

Forever Grateful,


  1. You put a spin on the things that others condemn.
    It's respectable. Honestly.

  2. Aww nice post boo.. why is this my first time reading this? Well, you know i'm computerless at the moment, so I get in where I fit in! Love ya!