Saturday, May 24, 2008

Untitled Poem 2

You came to a major realization of self
And I was so proud
Told me you used sex to alleviate emotional pain
And there was something honorable
In your confession
But, I don't want to be your concubine
I wish you nothing short of happiness
But I cannot offer my body
As means to suppressing your feelings
You need to heal
And I come bearing disinfectant
A listening ear to purge yourself of ill feelings
That only lead to infection if withheld
Band-aids in the form of hugs
And similar scars with similar stories
Explaining how they got there
You cannot rid yourself of her
By plunging yourself into me
So I will not give you the option
And I can't act like it's not tempting...
There are no lack of morals
But I don't believe in a too soon
Only know when it feels right
And being a sinner, I obey the urge
When you nibble on my neck
As we spoon in bed, I am surely tingling
But I'm also reminding myself that you're hurt
And even a kiss would bring more confusion
To an already confusing situation
So I just lay there
Basking in your affection
Happy to be held
Wishing I could reciprocate the feeling
But knowing better than succumbing
To a temptation such as this
I know what the giving of my body symbolizes
And I will not weaken
Its already impure value
By offering it at a time when
You were vulnerable and I was wanting
However, I fully agree to befriending you
Allowing you to share your inner feelings
Until you're comfortable with the fact that
God is in control and you cannot change things
I will be leaving soon
And our only interaction will be verbal
So lets work on sharpening the tool
Versus substituting it with other modes of communication
I'd much rather hear you than feel you
And to a man, that may not mean much
But in a time where people talk
For the sole purpose of hearing themselves speak
It's rather significant that I enjoy your conversation
So speak to me, speak truth
And maybe one day
I'll be able to offer you more than a listening ear
And a shoulder to sleep on
And you'll be able to offer more than
Physical satisfaction at the expense of your thoughts

A Champion Worthy of Roses,

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