Tuesday, May 27, 2008

PSA: Think Outside the Box

Random: Today I was diagnosed with scarlet fever. Yes, that sickness we all learned about in history class that killed a bunch of our first American settlers... I have it. Lucky for me, antibiotics to cure it have been created since it was first discovered. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

This is a Public Service Announcement:

When I say that, I am speaking on the terms in which those who are lyrically inclined use to inform people. As a poet, performing my freshman year really made me realize the power I have once I get on the stage. People came to hear someone speak. So, whoever is on the mic has their attention and their words are being taken to heart. Because of this, I need to use my stage time more wisely. By my own admission, I am guilty of what I've coined as "selfish poetry".

Selfish poetry consist of poems that are purely personal, they were written to vent your heaviest emotions (usually pertaining to love of the lack thereof), and cannot always be related to by everyone. Be clear, I am not demonizing "selfish poetry". It can actually be entertaining, and there are some people who do manage to empathize. However, when you are put in a position where more than a couple people will hear you... hell, whenever you have someones ear- it is your duty, if you obtain any type of knowledge, to inform them of things that occur beyond you.

Just like Ash was telling me and the Cool Kids were saying in this interview they did about gangster rappers, what does the street you grew up on have to do with anyone else listening to you? Like I said before, there will always be someone who can relate to your struggle in some way or another, but when all eyes are on you- don't testify, INFORM. The problem in this is, to inform someone, you must be knowledgeable. With that being said, go read a book. Really. I seriously need to get my studies up if I want to start writing the type of poems I enjoy hearing.

Last but not least, my neighbors cooked out today and I happily slept through the majority of it until my dad came banging on my door saying some man at their house did spoken word. Long story short, he spit two poems, I spit one for him, and he was impressed.

2 lines he said that I liked:
-Allow me to introduce the inner G
that only an inner God can produce.
-It's too hard for you to be a man,
and it's too easy for you to be less than.

Anywho, he asked me who my favorite poet was, I told him Black Ice, and he made a point to mention that Black Ice has gone commercial. He said that his favorite poet was a man from NJ by the name of Taalam Acey. So, you know I made it my business to YouTube him. He is definitely using his talent to inform. I'm digging it. Check him out:

Oh yeah, don't get it twisted-get it right.

All the men used for this were sort of square'ish, (lol) but who am I to judge? It's all good. The message remains.

Be Informed-You Owe it to Yourself,