Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some Days it Aint Sunny

but IT AINT SO HARD... -Lupe Fiasco

Last night I was leaving what will soon become my mom's new daycare, and it was drizzling outside. As I sat in the car, for reasons beyond me, my only wish was that it rained heavier... one of those-wash it all away rains. I got home, stepped out the car, and stood in front of the grill (that was still burning from the food we made earlier) while the rain fell on me. The feeling was exhilirating, to say the least. Again, my only wish was that it rained harder. I fell asleep, woke up later than normal this morning, and was told by my sister that it poured down last night to the point where she couldn't sleep.

I missed it.

But today... and from this day forward... I am appreciating the rain. It represents the cleansing of the past and the bright future to come.

Kissing the Clouds on Rainy Days,

*If Rainy Days by Ja Rule & Mary isn't posted, blame


  1. i happy that your gonna step up and appreciate the rain. it is probably the most under-appreciated weather pattern there is, and you know what i had no plans of stepping up and doing what you did, because personally: I dont like rain.

    But i digress go you im sure the rain appreciates it ;-)

    miss ya buddy!

  2. This song is a throwback fa'reeeeal, and I just sung the whole thing without any hesitation. Funny how the memory works.

    Rain is great nourishment.
    I dig it.


  3. not that all of ur posts arent comment worthy but I feels this one in particular bc I did the exact same thing on Tuesday...walked from 8th ave to Broadway with out the umbrella...intentionally. <3 u

  4. theres something beautiful about the rain.