Friday, May 30, 2008

Grown Folks Conversation

"I aint no chap, I'll clap before I scrap"

Last night I attended this poetry show, and an older man on the mic said that in his poem. Needless to say, it stuck with me. Not only did I find it humorous, but I also found it extremely accurate. My dad was telling me a story a few weeks ago about how some 'younger dudes' tried to punk him in the parking lot, and he had to warn them "I'm not one of these young cats... I'll shoot before I fight any of ya'll". Now, my dad isn't an 'old head' by any means, but he's just as 'no-nonsense' as the next senior citizen :)

Seriously though, I've said all that to say that I've always admired the mentality of older people. Wisdom doesn't always come with age, but a good majority of elders have something of value to say. Granted, their delivery may be completely off or hilarious (or maybe I'm just goofy)- but, it probably suits you best to pay attention. And I'm not talking about that reckless ranting... for example, I sat next to a black veteran on the train once and he took the entire (6hr.) ride to tell me how he would have been rich if he hadn't gotten married, that all women with pretty smiles are the devil, and his son is incarcerated for following behind some women-against his wishes.

Sound like a black man scorned? Yes indeed. I'm referring more to the: this is how the old days used to be, you could benefit from knowing a thing or two about your history and culture, and be greatful for your place in the world type of conversation. That may explain why I love family gatherings so much. You just know you're about to hear some knowledge being spilled somewhere. The only other option is complete turmoil, but that's not even about to happen with old folks spread out all over the place. As I said, they're a 'no-nonsense' type of people. I'm sure everyone has a 'let me tell you what this old lady/man said' type story. As Nikki Jean would say, tell me all about it (leave a comment). Take heed:

When Grown Folks Talkin'-Watch ya Mouth,


  1. Cedric (Brotha-in-law) PorterJune 1, 2008 at 2:48 AM

    I must be an "old head" cause I rather shot then fight.

  2. hmmm I definitely been listenin to the wrong seasoned(not elderly) people. Lots of 6hr vet convos