Thursday, May 1, 2008


"Even though I'm older, the bullshit be still penetrating.
It aint nothing personal ya'll, I'm just ventilating."

I don't know if I'm ranting or venting, but I've had clear miscommunication with a handful of people lately. As a result, I've become very stand offish, turned off, possibly resentful, or plain and simple-completely careless. And the truth of the matter is, I really don't mind not caring about whomever and whatever the situation pertains to ... the 'City of Brotherly Love' will do that to you. However, I do wish I could surpass the miscommunication and just mute our entire conversations cause they don't seem to be intellectual or getting us anywhere, as is. It might be different if my miscommunication wasn't void of purpose and full of wasted efforts, but that simply is not the case.

And it's something different with everyone... one doesn't understand that I really could care less... another doesn't realize I care too much... one doesn't know that I love and hate them in the same capacity and I've been struggling to keep the side of lesser good at bay... another doesn't realize why I'm not as interactive as they would like... and the list goes on.

It's Amazing People Even Understand Each Other,

ps- The Goodfellas (organization at Temple Univ.) talent show was last night (since I'm posting this at 1 in the a.m and it will be posted in May). There was no miscommunication involved here. Their audience was blissfully ignorant and non-receptive, meanwhile the talent was few and far between. Lord help us all. I'm looking extremely forward to Philalive! tonight. Doesn't hurt that Dom will be stepping to the mic yet again. If you didn't plan on coming- make use of the term "change of events".

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