Saturday, May 24, 2008

Untitled Poem 4

I invested way too much into this
Down payments included
That's to say, I paid for being down
To the point of being disillusioned
And now you suddenly have the urge to reimburse me
I'm not impressed by your
New found common courtesy
As a matter of fact
I'd much rather you keep the change
Cause change is all I've experienced
Since you've been gone
And it's the best thing you've ever done for me
God bless the day your cowardice overrode courage
And you decided to run from me
And God can keep today because
You woke up thinking more tattoos
And bigger muscles would regain my attention
Instead, He should have gave you glasses
And told you how worthless it is
To have hindsight 20/20 vision
Because you no longer move me
I find nothing about you impressive
Hell, I'm even sorry for the female you left me for
Cause now she's cleaning up behind all of your messes
And since you're still young at heart
You're treating this love 'thing' like a game of Monopoly
What? Her lawn wasn't as green
So you thought you'd take a chance
And make your way back to my property?
Na, you must've forgot I was raised around boys
So I'm more hip to games like Grand Theft Auto
And long ago I considered
Having them jack you for your whip
But my hearts just not that hollow
Because we were in love at one point in time
And I wish no harm upon you
My only request is that you realize
That I no longer want you
Calling you once every 3months
Doesn't mean I'm still interested
It means I'm cordial
Checking to see if God has granted you
The progress I pray for
Only to learn that patience is still a virtue
And it's dually noted the way you stare
Whenever I'm in your presence
But you're clearly looking behind me
Cause you're a part of the past
There's no hope for you in the present

My Time is Limited & I Aint Tryin' to Waste It,

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