Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dear Devil

Thanks for setting me up.

In a post before- I've said, "If the devil would have known how I'd be after the storm, he wouldn't have bothered me in the first place." A friend of mine had been feeling a bit defeated amongst the storm, and upon reflection she said, "I must have forgot that my final form has Diamond dimensions, and the devil forgot what happens to me under pressure." Poetic much? Good ol' Ash Cakes strikes again. I told ya'll peep her blog. Anywho, she passed a poem to me.

*pic also stolen from Ash Cakes

Third Eye Crying

Fear has taken hold of me,
Won't let my spirit fly free,
Keeping me a prisoner within me
Seeking out my insecurities,
And using them against me.
My is vision blurred,
Because my Third eye is crying,
Seeing visions of my visions dying.
Lost in the 3D animated Matrix
Unable to stay focused on my foundation
Close to accepting this unreal perception
When my Brother reminded me
That all of this is only deception that's
Trying to break the connection that
Keeps me connected to the Source of Energy
That my soul needs
That Energy that I receive when I remember how to breathe
And set my spirit free from negative energy.

Sleep on That,

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