Saturday, May 24, 2008

Untitled Poem 3

They say eyes are the stairways
Which lead to the soul
And I can't say that they're lying
Cause as I'm walking away
I'm putting on my shades
So no one can see that I'm crying
And every stride is accompanied by a sigh
And prayers you won't forget me
It's not that you're forgetful
But I can't help feeling like
We didn't create enough memories
Time and distance change things
But I guess
It will only be a test of our friendship
I keep reminding myself that
You can't break the bond between two souls
That are kindred
Not to mention you have this thing for boats
And I, no fear of motion sickness
So if we can keep this boat afloat
Just a little while longer
I believe it can go the distance
We rode the waves of the storm together
Yet the clouds can still be seen in the horizon
But if I am sure of nothing else
I know you can't stop the sun from rising
Because water is not the only thing needed
In order for a seed to grow
Did it ever cross your mind that
Maybe she watered your seed
And now the sun's finally starting to show
You needed the rain to stretch your roots
And get a foundation firmly planted
So when the sun showed up
You could appreciate the growth
Versus taking the experience for granted
And just like God is in control
Mother Nature's the only one who knows what she's doing
But you're the sun that followed the rain
Which watered my seed
The reason my rose began blooming

Rain Don't Last Always,

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