Saturday, May 24, 2008

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

Backseat Driving by Alysia Harris
(listen to That Girl, here)

If its back and forth like this
No wonder I’ve always been prone to motion sickness
Staring out the car window looking at nothing
Hoping to get in another mile before puking my guts out on the innerstate.

Hugging a guardrail like it was you.
Trying to get stable.
You told me I could hold on to you.
But swinging in and out of these different lanes
is enough to make anyone nauseous

So it’s time to hit the breaks.
And by break, I don’t mean 2 weeks of not speaking
I mean, I see you when I see you.

I know 95 runs straight down the coast
but it’s gonna be awhile before I get up the courage to
“suddenly find myself in the neighborhood.”

All I’ve got is a bag of pork rinds, a backseat,
and a map of tears streaking my face.
And I don’t even eat pork but
I can no longer make a meal out of previously digested affections.
At this point I’ll eat anything.

I just hope you keep driving.
So I can mindlessly sink further into the backseat until I’m two states behind
Don’t mind me
I’m just getting some distance on the situation.
Clear my head. Get a breath of fresh air
pick some flowers… maybe stay for awhile

Cuz the roadtrips are great and all,
but the exhaust from your ego is exhausting me.
And this seatbelt that ties us so intimately is cutting off my circulation.
I cannot get blood to new vital areas if its all stuck clotting around you
A heart can only bleed so much before its either me or you.
And I know we’re through

You’ve told me a million times
but you wanted to pack me in your trunk full of memories
Told me it would be fun. To come along for the ride.
But no, I don’t think it’ll be fun when you find someone else and finally tell me I’ve become the 5th wheel.
And No I don’t think it’ll be fun when I’m still hung up at the roadstop 2 years back or stuck in traffic between mixed signals and redlights.
And No I don’t it’ll be fun when I’m still following you
and you don’t have the courtesy to put on your turn signal.
Not caring if I crash and burn behind you.

On the way out of a city you shouldn’t pass through it twice.
And I’ve been circling you for months getting sicker and sicker.
It’s not that I don’t wanna be friends
but driving backwards is how you get into accidents.

You treated me like a stick shift, always jerking me around
So why is it a surprise that I’m finally stalling out?
I’ve never been into backseat driving so I’d rather get out and hitch hike
Then sit like a hostage in a hijacked car
See you're like an old motor, you need a tune up
I loved you just like I loved my first car
but I still traded it in for a new one.

You used to tell me to hop in shotgun
that anywhere I wanted to go, you'd take me.
But that's ok. No thank you,
I dont want your backseat or your passenger's side
I'm the only one I trust to drive me home at night.
So let' me outI think this is my stop.

I Concur,

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