Monday, May 5, 2008

Everybody say 'I Philalive!'

Philalive (pronounced 'feel-alive') is over for this school year.
::insert sad face here::

It's been a hell of a run, really. If you are in Philadelphia and haven't been- you are missing out on something. It is truly an inspirational and uplifting experience. With that being said, I write down lines I hear during Philalive that I love. I've just been collecting lines with no place to put them. So, what place better than my blog to share the knowledge and pictures? Take notes:

"When I say 'You look good in your genes', I don't think you understand.
I wanna run my fingers through your DNA strands."
"Wanna be ya dimples in ya next life so I can be inside you every time you smile."
"Kiss the breath outta you and bring you back to life, just so you can know what it feels like..."
"I could catch a contact off ya breath..."

"People trying to save money, instead of themselves."
"Your lungs were made of iron. My soul is made of steel. They can never kill us."
[referring to the usage of poetry:]
"Jesus spoke in common tongue so He could reach everybody"
-Just Greg
(he has many more, I'm just slow with the hands)

"I just wanna tape your frowns so I can rewind them into smiles."
"Nobody knows you write anonymous poems about me, the type you can't post on Facebook."
"I will never be that girl. That girl whose only allowed to make you smile when she's making you orgasm. That girl- whose day job is daydreaming and waiting for her night job."
"Yeah, you may say it's over. And you may never admit that you love me, but you don't have to because if silence speaks volumes you wanna hold me in your arms, rock me in your sleep than act like you don't know me."
"I was your first, your only, the prototype and she's just a duplicate. And you can never make copies without first consulting the blueprints. You know what they say, the sequels never better than the original."
"I'm not fighting for custody, I'm fighting for respect, because I'll never be content with being your back door hoe."
"My greatest hope is to be blind like Paul on the road to Damascus, and that the only plank left in my eye will be a splinter collected from standing too close to the cross."
-Alysia Harris
(check out her poem, That Girl)

[the first two quotes refer to cops]
"You do push-ups for every cell ya brain loses. Damn, you're so tough."
"If they're not doing anything wrong, they shouldn't care if we're watching."
"Hip-hop has a hype man, why doesn't poetry have a hype man?"
"They can't take our spirit-our pride-our poems."
"Art is powerful, don't be fooled- if it wasn't, they wouldn't teach it in public schools."
"I could never talk about you behind your back because you are pitifully spineless."
"What happens to mothers who lost their daughters & know exactly where they are."

"Their ideals aint realistic so how the fuck am I supposed to feel this shit."
"This is where hip-hop raised us, and they wonder why we naught by nature."
(watch his freestyle on the video I posted)
-Sock THE Rapper!

"I can only be what the Creator has made of me."
"Even if they mute my mouth, I will act out."
"They don't have to hang nooses around our necks, because we're already doing it for them."
"We more priceless than gasoline."
-Selina (the newest addition to Columbia Records)

"If I can change the world, I must first change the chaos around me."
"Not on my watch will 3minutes of a song degrade what it took our mothers 9months to make."
"You're peculiar, not crazy."
"Its ok to quit sometimes if you can't find your heart in it. Times not on your side, so just decide and deal with it."
"Wasn't really a poet, just lyrically head strong."
"Everyone's not a poet because they sound deep."
"My whole personna is plagiarized. I'm just pieces of poetry from those idolized personified."
[referring to her mother]
"Always my lawyer, never my judge- a compass when I'm lost. You wore my burden and my cross."
-Ariana (THE Host)

Other quotes by authors I can't remember:
"Black women, you too elegant to be out there sellin' it."
"If you're going through hell it's best to keep going, because the ocean gets tough, but it never stops flowing."
"You love having your cake plus eating it too, never settling for less than more."
"I'm just a girl with few, but distinct needs." (Candice Moore)
"I just wanna lose myself in order just to find myself." (Ken-J)

Legends in the Now,
*Or as the poet Dom would say- Checkmate!


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